Brandy Hutchison

Hello My Name Is...

Brandy Hutchison

I grew up in Giles county and attended Radford University.  I live in Radford with my husband and 2 daughters.  My children attend school at EMES and SMS.  We all enjoy spending time together and playing with our 2 dogs and cat.

I have been teaching for 15 years in Montgomery County and have taught grades 2-5.  I taught at Shawsville Elementary prior to the opening of our school.  I spent the first 3 years at EMES teaching 4th grade.  Then moved to 2nd grade. 

I truly enjoy working with students in 2nd grade.  They are very curious and want to learn about new things.   We explore with our hands and our minds.  We create diagrams.  We conduct experiments.  We look at bugs and make models with clay.  2nd grade is never boring.

In my class we read a lot of books and stories.  We read to learn about plants, animals, magnets, and weather in science.  We read to learn about Native Americans and places near and far in social studies.  Our favorite time of day is when I do a teacher read aloud and we explore the different styles of writing.  We venture into our imaginations for fantasy and expand our understanding of how things work with non-fiction.