Julie Griffin

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    My name is Julie Griffin and I have been working in the Eastern Montgomery strand for the last 15 years.

     I have 4 adult children, three sons and a daughter.  My oldest son has two children.  My  grandson and granddaughter live in California so I don't get to see them as much as I would like.  My youngest son is a professional golfer and you can occasionally read about him in the local papers.  My oldest son is a builder and carpenter, my second son is a landscaper and my daughter is an Environmental Scientist.  

     When I can pry myself away from school, I like to work in my large organic garden growing yummy vegetables and flowers.  I also have a Lab/Sheppard mix, 8 year old dog that I walk daily.   On vacations and holidays I love to entertain my large family at my Blacksburg home. 

     I look forward to the opportunity to explore new topics in third grade this year.