Karen Cundiff

     Hello, my name is Karen Cundiff.  I am the mother of two grown sons and I have three precious grandchildren.  When my sons were young, I taught elementary grades from second through sixth at their school, Dayspring Christian Academy in Blacksburg, VA.  Then I went back to college to become certified as a Reading Specialist. 
     This is my 17th year teaching reading in Montgomery County.  Although I live in Blacksburg, I enjoy the beautiful drive through the valley each morning to teach the wonderful children at EMES!  I love getting to know the children and helping them become better readers. My favorite thing at school is playing reading games with them on Fridays!
     Personally, my favorite things include visiting my grandchildren in Richmond and King George, gardening, and swimming.  I swam 65 miles last summer!  I also love traveling with my husband.  We have been on mission trips with our church to Guatemala, Peru, and Kenya.  We have also visited Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, the Statue of Liberty, Plymouth Rock, and Alaska!  The most special trip for me was to Germany and Romania.  In Romania, we attended a family reunion in the small, mountain village where my grandparents grew up!  That was the trip of a lifetime!